Friday, December 19, 2008

Early Christmas present for Millfield residents

The Sydney Gas Investor Update December 2008 by Andy Lukas - CEO indicates a "proposed corehole" in Millfield.

A map titled "Coal Measure Targets Proposed and Drilled Corehole Locations" on page 31 of the document (available from their website and other places) shows the "proposed corehole" named "Millfield 1". The scale of the map is too large to indicate exactly where it is "proposed" they will drill, but attempting to overlay it on a Google Map shows that it may be closer to Cedar Creek or Sweetmans Creek (though their map does seem distorted as to the indicated location of Cessnock).

As it is a dot on a map it is not clear whether they have already obtained an access agreement and lodged an REF with the State Government for this proposed corehole.
  • Have they informed the community of their plans?
  • Have they held a public meeting?
  • Have they sent any information at all regarding this proposal to the residents of Millfield?
  • Or have they yet again secretly obtained an access agreement before anyone else in the community knows about it, as they did in Wollombi and Stockyard Creek?
We will deliver WAGE printed material and DVDs to Millfield Store to help inform the community of the threats posed by AGL Energy and Sydney Gas invading yet another part of Wollombi Valley.

In case they don't yet have an access agreement, Millfield landowners:

Do not allow anyone from Sydney Gas,AGL Energy or AJ Lucas onto your land.
Do not accept their phone calls!
Do not sign anything they put in front of you!
Respect your community and your neighbours.

Merry Christmas!

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