Sunday, December 14, 2008

Estimated Carbon Footprint of Sydney Gas and AGL in the Hunter

The estimates being spun by Sydney Gas for their predicted output of Methane Gas from the Hunter Valley show an Ugh Boot shaped carbon footprint rather than a Stiletto.

Going on figures quoted in The Herald of 10,000 petajoules of extractable coal-seam methane gas, this will produce (on my conservative estimate based on a published standard of 116.376 lbs of CO2 per 1000 cubic feet of Methane), nearly 528 million tonnes of CO2 (527,712,332.07).

More than ½ Billion Tonnes of Co2

This is ONLY the Co2 produced by burning the 10,000 petajoules and doesn't account for the Co2 produced in the exploration and extraction process, tens of thousands of truck movements, electric and diesel pumps and generators running for years etc. or the "pre-production" methane gas burnt (for months per well) before production starts.

In an age of trying to cut down on Greenhouse Gas emissions to reduce Global Warming, this is a totally irresponsible proposal by Sydney Gas, AGL Energy and the NSW State Government.

Sydney Gas and AGL Energy shareholders, leave the METHANE deep in the ground where it is safe! Put your money into renewable and clean energy solutions! THIS IS NOT a "Cleaner, greener" form of energy... it's filthy!

I would also like clarification from Sydney Gas on whether the estimated figure of $10bn is based on the total estimated 25,000 petajoule "find" ["has been found"] or the estimated 10,000 petajoules that "can potentially be extracted"?

If it's the former, then the monetary value is limited only to that which is attainable and would therefor be only $4bn.

I'm just asking... Is 1 petajoule estimated to be valued at $1,000,000 or $400,000? Please explain.

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