Thursday, February 12, 2009

AGL Energy up to 92.5% in target Sydney Gas

Having gathered more than 90% of the shares, it is now clear that AGL Energy will force the aquisition of the remaining shares to take over Sydney Gas.

This means that AGL Energy can delist it and forever extinguish the bad name and reputation that Sydney Gas carries and fold it all into their own name.

We have long memories AGL, the reputation that Sydney Gas has (and that of it's employees and directors) will stay here a long long time.

The rats at Sydney Gas are scurrying to do some more dirty work under thair own bad name before this happens, so that AGL doesn't get tagged with it. Yes, I believe it's deliberate and timed for that very reason.

We'll remember... you own 92.5% of it now AGL, You STOP Sydney Gas from breaking agreements made in Broke NOW or you will be tagged with everything that went before.

See for further details from the Hunter Bulga Gas Action Group

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