Thursday, February 12, 2009

Follow up Letter to Ian McDonald

The Hon Ian McDonald MLC
NSW Minister for Primary Industries


I'm sorry if my previous question was too difficult for you to answer (or even acknowledge receipt) in a timely manner. So let's simplify it.

Can you please give a simple YES or NO to this question:

Do the Exploration Licences held by Sydney Gas Ltd (PEL 267, PEL 2 and PEL 5) specify any obligation to drill the entire exploration field, as stated by Mark Harper, meaning that they have an compulsory obligation under PEL 267 to drill in the Wollombi region?

The recipient list will continue to grow the longer you refuse to answer a very simple question Minister.


Peter Firminger
"Bulls Run"
Yango Creek Road
C/- General Store
Wollombi NSW 2325

CC: The Hon Kerry Hickey; The Hon George Souris; Ms Lee Rhiannon; Mr Barry O'Farrell; The Hon Joel Fitzgibbon

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