Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Letter to Ian McDonald - NSW Minister for Primary Industries

Letter sent on 28-Jan-09 to The Hon Ian McDonald - which so far remains unanswered

Dear Minister,

The General Manager of Sydney Gas Ltd - Mark Harper - has said to the people of Wollombi (and Broke/Bulga) on a number of occasions, that Sydney Gas is obligated under "the Licence" to do exploratory drilling in ALL parts of the exploration licence area. He has said this in relation to justifying the absolute need for Sydney Gas to drill in the vicinity of Wollombi Village, even though they "don't expect to find suitable gas for a production field".

I can supply video of one of the occurrences he has said all this if required.

Can you please provide the text from the license (PEL 267) that frames the terms of this "obligation" to do exploratory drilling in the entire PEL boundary, regardless of the perceived production outcomes at the location.

If Mr Harper is correct, this obligation will be in writing in the license and should be able to be either supplied as text or as a scan of that distinct part of the document.

Can you also confirm whether the same is true for PEL 2 and PEL 5.


Peter Firminger

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