Friday, February 6, 2009

Little brown ropes

I have been overdressed and armed with a steel rake for the past 48 hours after seeing a 1 metre Brown Snake coming across the loungroom towards me while on the phone to Caroline at Planet Ark.

Poor Caroline got an earfull as I screamed an expletive and ran for cover as I was dressed in very little with no shoes.

Unfortunately the camera was out of reach at the times I could see it and I haven't seen it since Wednesday afternoon so I am hoping that it found the way out - but I'm not convinced.

I can't leave the doors open too much as my other adversary, the 2 metre Goanna, will come in (again). So for the first time in years, I'm wearing shoes and jeans in the house (in 35+ heat) and walking around with the rake in case I need to defend myself. Not that I want to kill anything... Guess I'm not up for a bravery award :(


  1. I think a bravery award would be most appropriate, unless of course, you moved out of your home to sleep (like I would have done) - there is NO WAY I could sleep unless I actually saw that Joe Blake slide out the back door and on his way.

    A most enjoyable story, but I do hope your reptile visitor has moved back into the wilds.


  2. I slept with the light on Gaye, so that I could see anything I heard moving. The goanna is probably more of a threat as he has no fear of me, but the snake is totally unpredictable.