Wednesday, February 18, 2009

National Day of Mourning

Sorry to bother you with two (or three depending on the list) emails in one
week... but this seemed important enough.

This Sunday, Father Graham Jackson will conduct an Ecumenical Service at St
John's Wollombi, commencing at 10.00am in respect of the National Day of
Mourning for those who have lost so much in the Victorian bushfires.

For me (not at all very religious), this service is akin to that of an ANZAC
service (and we know how crowded Wollombi's ANZAC Reserve is on April 25,
even in the rain). So I thought it was worth another email to inform those
who didn't know, so we can get together on Sunday and show our respect and
grieve collectively.

Lets also raise a glass at the Tavern after the service to honour the
incredible CFA and Police people (and many many others) that will never
recover from the horrible tasks they are still performing throughout

Many of us live in an tree-lined environment much closer than the
communities that were wiped out. I know it's been on many minds around here.
We have been very lucky.

They'll never know that we gathered to honour them... but we will - lest we forget.

Sorry for the intrusion. See you on Sunday.

Peter Firminger (Thanks to Caroline Maul for letting us know).

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