Monday, March 9, 2009

AGL Must Sack these amateurs NOW

Following in the footsteps of Mark "Fart Joke" Harper, Colin Stace has belittled the Broke and wider Wollombi Valley Community with a flippant and apparently funny (to him) remark, allegedly saying "I'm The Enemy" (twice - in case no-one heard him - in front on an NBN TV crew) while overseeing the environmental and economic destruction of a beautiful and vibrant rural village in the Hunter Valley.

See the story here

AGL Energy (ASX:AJK), you bought up all the (NSW Labor Party contributor) Sydney Gas shares, apparently to put an end to the (cowboy) antics of SGL staff like Colin "I'm the Enemy" Stace and Mark "Fart Joke" Harper and erase the history of this ship of fools.

AGL Energy's reputation is now at stake from their actions, and absolutely nothing has changed - including legal intimidation by Sydney Gas and/or their staff as reported by Ray Martin on A Current Affair.

It's all a big joke to the staff of Sydney Gas. Screw the community and get some laughs out of doing it. Very funny indeed.

Sack them all NOW AGL!

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