Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We Broke the website... in two!

A bunch of Broke people and I got together a couple of months ago at Broke Hall to discuss a Broke Community Website and we decided to split Wollombi Valley Online into two (connected but stand-alone) community websites.

I'm happy to announce that the Broke website is pretty much complete now with the weather and Job listings being Broke-based. The news and events share some material with Wollombi but specific events like meetings and church services will be kept local so that each site is a little less cluttered.

Wollombi Valley Online members from the Broke region can now log in and maintain their listings and email preferences on their own site - with much of the information still shared with the Wollombi site. The login info for both sites is the same but if you have forgotten, just use the "Forgot Password" tool to recover your login details, or email me (reply to this email) and I'll resend them for you.

The good news for Broke is that they now have their own version of this email announce list so they don't get all of Wollombi's problems like the Cessnock LEP and other Cessnock Council issues in these postings. Members of both websites can choose their email preferences including the lists from the other one to keep in touch.

Broke members, I have moved you across to the Broke mailing list already, so if you do still want the Wollombi list, please log in and re-select it.

We will arrange an information session at Broke Hall in the new year with a complete demonstration of the features of the site for current and new members. As with Wollombi Valley Online, it's all free - though we may give businesses the opportunity to advertise throughout the site for a fee in the future.


Thanks to particularly Mike Wilson and Wendy Lawson for help in getting this together, along with Jo Towers, Paul O'Toole, Terry Everett, Tony McNamara and Fiona Cassidy.

Valley Artists has commissioned Mad Cow's production of 'Romeo & Juliet' to be performed at Laguna Hall for four performances only on 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th January (Friday through to Monday evenings at 8pm).

A young cast, a contemporary production - those who have seen it rave!

VA's Peter McCloy reports "This production is set in Northern Ireland, and the time is Bloody Sunday, 1972. Tensions arise between English backed Unionists and the Irish Nationalists. Guerrilla warfare is resulting in an alarming rate of casualties on both sides. Among the familial fighting we witness the tale of Romeo & Juliet, whose love transcends racial hatred and displays the innocence of youth".

Mad Cow Director Juz McGuire says, "It's all about passion. Passion about who we are, what our identity is, and how we fit into the grand scheme of things - this is the eternal search for identity which defines our lives. It has been an honour to lead and serve such a brilliant cast of talented and dedicated young actors."

Bookings are now open at Laguna and Wollombi stores (credit cards and EFT at Laguna only) or you can download a form at or reserve your seats by email or phone the box office on 4998 3419 and leave a message.

Finally, for those that haven't noticed, there will be New Years Eve Fireworks tomorrow night at Wollombi Tavern at a kid-friendly 9:30pm. Ash Mountain will be performing til late and plenty of food will be available.

Have a great New Years Eve and an even better 2010!

Peter Firminger

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas present for Wollombi

Paul Adams from the Wollombi Valley Progress Association - Cunneens Bridge Action Group called me this morning with some very good news.

All four landowners involved in the issues surrounding Cunneens Bridge and the Grange Cutting have signed off on the downstream option as of yesterday afternoon.

This means that the bridge should now go ahead for completion (hopefully) by June 2010.

As the plans for the bridge are already drawn, the tenders should be put out this week. Paul indicated that Council believes that the funding is still adequate for both the bridge and the Grange cutting and that if there is a shortfall it will be for the road surface between Cunneens and the Tavern and that this should be picked up under the general infrastructure budget.

I wholeheartedly congratulate everyone involved for coming to a positive resolution and particularly thank not only the landowners, but Paul Adams and the action group and the Director of Infrastructure David Pavey for navigating this sensitive issue to a positive outcome for the Wollombi and Broke Fordwich communities.

Let's hope that when the tenders come before Cessnock Council in the new year, that it is a quick and painless process to approve the successful tender and move this into action on schedule.

My guess is that the deadlines for The Advertiser (for what that's worth) and OON were probably not met and Cessnock Council's website doesn't effectively carry information like this so further info may not be readily forthcoming. Please let me know if you would like any further clarifying information published on Wollombi Valley Online (bcc to the Mayor, David Pavey, Ward A and Greens Councillors and The Herald). It would be really nice to see an official statement from Council.