Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas present for Wollombi

Paul Adams from the Wollombi Valley Progress Association - Cunneens Bridge Action Group called me this morning with some very good news.

All four landowners involved in the issues surrounding Cunneens Bridge and the Grange Cutting have signed off on the downstream option as of yesterday afternoon.

This means that the bridge should now go ahead for completion (hopefully) by June 2010.

As the plans for the bridge are already drawn, the tenders should be put out this week. Paul indicated that Council believes that the funding is still adequate for both the bridge and the Grange cutting and that if there is a shortfall it will be for the road surface between Cunneens and the Tavern and that this should be picked up under the general infrastructure budget.

I wholeheartedly congratulate everyone involved for coming to a positive resolution and particularly thank not only the landowners, but Paul Adams and the action group and the Director of Infrastructure David Pavey for navigating this sensitive issue to a positive outcome for the Wollombi and Broke Fordwich communities.

Let's hope that when the tenders come before Cessnock Council in the new year, that it is a quick and painless process to approve the successful tender and move this into action on schedule.

My guess is that the deadlines for The Advertiser (for what that's worth) and OON were probably not met and Cessnock Council's website doesn't effectively carry information like this so further info may not be readily forthcoming. Please let me know if you would like any further clarifying information published on Wollombi Valley Online (bcc to the Mayor, David Pavey, Ward A and Greens Councillors and The Herald). It would be really nice to see an official statement from Council.

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