Monday, January 11, 2010

Common Brushtail Possums

Ever since I moved to Bulls Run in July 2004, I have had a close relationship with a number of Common Brushtail Possums (Trichosurus vulpecula). This little guy was the first baby that emerged while I lived here (in Feb 2005), followed by another in October and many since.

The only painting I have ever finished was based on this photo, done in oil pastels, it now hangs in my mother's lounge-room in Colo Vale. Unfortunately, it didn't photograph very well and I'm not really game enough to publish it anyway.

While I see them every evening, I can't recognise them after they grow up so I don't know if this baby is still here as one of two adult males that currently visit.

People in the city tend to get a bit miffed about them but when they are in an isolated environment, they are not at all violent or even careless with their claws. They are totally at ease with me and I have had one come in and sit on the lounge and eat half my sandwich, seemingly watching TV (and making an awful mess with the contents of the sandwich).

I have never been bitten (just an exploratory nip from a youngster who thought my socked foot may be food) and I have become part of the weaning process a number of times with a mother waiting til a large baby was distracted by an apple and running off leaving the baby with me (inside the house) for a while.

Who needs domestic animals... I can happily trade the trust these little companions show me for the perceived love I could get from a dog or cat which would drive them (and the roos) away.

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  1. Good posts, and esspecially good to find another New England Blog.
    Regards, Le Loup.