Sunday, February 28, 2010

Foggy Mountain Jam 2010

Photos from Foggy Mountain Jam 2010 are available on Flickr

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lace Monitor

I have a love-hate relationship with a number of these monitors or Goannas (Varanus varius).

A large one winters in the ceiling and in spring, makes a nuisance of itself climbing up each evening and launching itself into a sapling (which lowers it gently to the ground where it lets go) each late morning. He has come in through the verandah door at one stage and spent more than a few minutes trying to find the door again.

This same individual is fearless and aggressive, and is known to terrorise at least two other houses here on Bulls Run, probably a third as well but there are rarely people at that house.

We currently have a smaller goanna with a "ring" around it's neck. It looks like string to me but we'll need to catch it to find out more and remove the item before it gets too large and chokes itself.

Lace Monitors are one of Australia's largest lizards. They are dark grey to black in colour with cream or yellow scales forming bands and blotches and there are usually black bars across the snout, throat and chin. The tongue is long and forked like a snake. Monitors are the only lizards (apart from NSW Labor party officials) that have a forked tongue.

Spending most of their time in trees, they are found in forests, tall woodlands and open tablelands and slopes.

They are predators and scavengers eating insects, small mammals, lizards, nestling birds, eggs and carrion.

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