Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Abolition of States

Here are some links to support the abolition of the states.

Abolishing state govs would save $30bn - The Australian - 28-Aug-2007
"Howard's intervention over Queensland's council amalgamations and grab for power from the states raises a bigger issue: do we really need three very expensive layers of government? The answer is no."

Commonwealth Parliamentarians Who Have Publicly Supported the Abolition of State Governments or Similar Reforms - Mark Drummond PhD Thesis and Public Policy Website
"This page provides links to media reports and other websites that show that numerous Commonwealth Parliamentarians support the abolition of State governments or related reforms."

Abolish state governments: Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon - The Australian - 3-Jul-2008
"AUSTRALIA is the most over-governed nation on Earth and reforms should include abolishing the states, Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon says."

Abolish Australian States - Eclipse Now blog
"Former Prime Minister’s Bob Hawke and John Howard agree!"

Abolish Australian States - From John August - Homepage Daily
"NSW Ex-Treasurer Michael Costa has dumped on Australian State Governments - we're better off without them. As a Beyond Federation member, I agree."

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