Monday, August 23, 2010

Cessnock City Council Loses Planning Powers

I have been informed that the Sydney (NSW) Government has stripped Cessnock City Council of its planning powers.

The NSW Labor Party has decided to do this amidst the confusion of the outcome of the Federal Election.

The Planning Minister, Tony Kelly has appointed a Planning Panel which will consist of three people, Tim Rogers (Chair) paid $40,000 pa, Alison McCabe and Vince Berkhout at $30,000 pa each. The Council are responsible for paying the Director-General (NSW Dept Planning) the "remuneration and costs and expenses" [sic] of the panel. The panel has been appointed for a period of five years (with a review after two years), which means Cessnock Ratepayers just lost $500,000 plus expenses from their budget, due to a "closet" of politically endangered and incompetent arseholes in Sussex and Macquarie Streets, headed by Tony Kelly.


The Order was written on 11 August and Minister Kelly's letter carries a date stamp of 16 August, recieved in Cessnock on 23 August 2010 - held over to let the Federal Election pass for their little cut-throat mate Mark Arbib no doubt. It was also signed before local member Kerry Hicky's "Why I Lied" (the milkman did it) moment.

My guess is that the Labor-owned panel will make it pretty easy for huge developments like Huntlee near Branxton and Sanctuary Villages at Paxton/Millfield etc. to get up without worrying about the required infrastructure and who's funding it, nor the needs of the current community and ability of the environment to cope with the outfall (into Wollombi Brook). This seems to me to be a final bid to help out their political donors like Hardie Holdings before they get their fat arses kicked out of office in 215 days time.

Update: Sylvia Hale agrees!

Full details and the Letter from Tony Kelly here

Media Release from Tony Kelly here

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