Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rural Blogging

I have been reading Jim Belshaw's blogs for quite a while now and only recently got to meet and talk to him face to face at the first New State Movement meeting in Hamilton.

One that initially caught my interest was his Regional Living Australia - Information about work, life and play in Regional Australia.

I have also recently been reading the American blog The Art of the Rural - considering rural arts and culture in the twenty-first century - which I find to be a fascinating look at a multitude of rural and regional cultural topics. The story that got me in was Remembering the High Lonesome - which led me to the wonderful short film itself - well worth a watch to music lovers. I'll also add The Rural Blog to this.

Spinning off from a recent regional radio story also on that site, I found a American blog called Legal Ruralism - a little (legal) realism about the rural - which happens to have four Australian stories.

In the current "Three Amigos" or "Country Independents" era of political theatre, being someone passionate about rural Australia doing my best to publish about my corner of the world, I have been looking around for other Australian blogs, not particularly about a region, but about regional and rural issues.

Three I have found of interest (in no particular order) are:

ABC Rural Blog (a bit obvious I guess)
Rural Australia
Biting the Dust - A view of pharmacy and health from a very remote pharmacist

Apart from the ABC Rural one I haven't spent a lot of time reading these, but look forward to them now popping up in my reading list, inspiring me to do more along these lines as Rural Australia continues to be better connected. The Art of the Rural is a real inspiration to me.

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